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St. Patrick’s Day, Green Smoothies and a few deep thoughts by Steph

About this time four years ago, I started reading Kimberly Snyder’s blog ( and was introduced to the amazing concept of a green smoothie. At first I was skeptical, as I’m sure all of you were (or perhaps still are) about a drink made from greens. At that time in my life, I was a stay at home mom of […]

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Two Chicks and A Blender-by Mar

What do you get when you take two smoothie mixing ladies, loads of fresh, organic produce, and a Vitamix?  Two Chicks and a Blender! WE ARE the two blend-happy chicks!…as evidenced by the quantity of blending opportunities we’ve had over the past month!  From a few of our recent events, we now have specialty smoothie recipes to share.  First, we […]

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“Have You Had Your Smoothie Today?” by Mary Ellen

We are so excited that many of The Kitchen Remix followers have added smoothies to their daily routines. Starting out with a powerful mix of green vegetables and ripe fruits gives your body the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and energy it needs to get you through the morning. Our clients have seen and felt amazing results. Unwanted pounds lost, abundant energy, […]