Rume Bags!!

As many of you know, one of the things that brought Mary Ellen and me together in the first place was our mutual love for all things “Colorado.”  This list includes eating healthy, running, sunshine, Labrador Retrievers and a general over-excitement for nature and being outdoors. So on a trip home to Colorado, when a friend handed me a Rume bag and said this durable, reusable, washable tote was from a Colorado based business, I knew we had to have our logo plastered all over this awesome product.

Last week our adorable Kitchen Remix Rume bags, along with some of the company’s patterned bags (which were way too cute to resist ordering as well!) showed up at my doorstep. Imagine, if you will, this cute bag in tote on your way to Whole Foods. Next, picture it overflowing with yummy produce. Finally, envision unpacking your groceries and then folding this same bag so it fits in your purse ready to go for your next trip to the store. That may be your original intention for the first bag (it was mine too), but it won’t take long before you’ll want another or two (seriously they are so cute!) to take around town, to the pool, the beach, the museum, the soccer game, the pumpkin patch, shopping for cute clothes, or as a carry-on for a quick weekend trip.

So get your Rume bags today! They are on sale at The Dailey Method, Naperville, and of course, we are taking orders via e-mail at and on our Facebook page.  Local orders delivered for free.  Out of town orders require a 3.00 shipping and handling fee.

Thanks for your support!


Patterned Bags- 12.00


Basket Weave












City Park












5th Ave.
























Exclusive Kitchen Remix Rume Bags in Pearl- 15.oo 

The Kitchen Remix














  1. Danielle
    September 20, 2012

    Just wanted to day it was great meeting you girls at the Dash and Dine last night! I had such fun and am currently scouring through your smoothie recipes for my trip to the store tomorrow. I have to say, I never, ever thought I would drink a smoothie with spinach in it, but it tasted great! I am excited to try more recipes.
    Thanks a lot!


    • The Kitchen Remix
      September 29, 2012

      Thank you, Danielle. Keep up the great work. We will be posting new recipes for smoothies and other meals this week. Please check us out on Facebook, too.


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