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Organic or Not -by Stephanie

Straight out of college I decided to change the way I ate. I gave up the fast food/ microwave meal student diet and started a journey towards health. One of my biggest hurdles was the grocery budget. Fast forward twelve years, a husband and three kids later, and the grocery budget is still always an issue. I pride myself in […]


Spring Cleaning-by Mary Ellen

Now that Spring Break and the holiday weekend are nearly over, have you considered a little Spring Clean-up? Maybe after pool-side margaritas, burgers and fries with your kids, or all-you-can-eat brunch buffets, you are thinking it is time to re-focus on your food choices. The Cadbury Eggs, jelly beans, and yellow-dyed marshmallow chicks (OK, did you REALLY eat one of […]


Let’s talk about Chia Seeds

One of the challenges of eating healthy is learning about new foods.  Whether you are adventurous or not with your food choices, buying new items can be overwhelming.  Since chia seeds were mentioned on our Facebook page, I figured there couldn’t be a more perfect place to begin. On the back of the package of organic raw chia seeds which […]


The Kitchen Remix-Mary Ellen’s story

Last summer, Stephanie Ours and I met through a mutual friend.  She had just moved from Denver, CO to Naperville, IL.  While I  had a whole list of things to do, still had not showered after my workout, and had a few kids who needed naps I was drawn to the get-together with the invitation, “Hey, I want you to […]