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Change -by Steph

Life is full of change and as healthy people, we must learn to embrace change in order to learn, grow and flourish. This couldn’t be more true for The Kitchen Remix in 2014. This year started, and continues to be, a year of change. To be honest, we have been pretty quiet on our website but it doesn’t mean we […]


Kale Salad (Whole Foods Knock-off)

I’m in love with a raw kale salad at Whole Foods. Perhaps you know the one – curly kale, dried cranberries, pine nuts. It is my go-to pick up salad when I need something yummy in a hurry. The other day I decided to buy the ingredients and give this salad a whirl at home. Although I took some creative […]


Good Meal Options? – Toni Cummings

I’m guest blogging again, this time with a slight twist to the idea of healthy Good Meal Options. To be and stay healthy, I think we’d all agree that one vitally important component is the food we consume. After all, eating a fresh mostly raw plant-based diet is how we optimally fuel our physical bodies and feed them the nutrients […]

Imagine the ‘Remix’ Possibilities! (Mar)

Last week The Kitchen Remix had the amazing opportunity to teach a healthy cooking class at Liam Brex studio in Downtown Naperville, IL. We partnered up with the very talented and renowned, Beth Peterson of Beth’s Table. Beth, a seasoned chef, former restaurant owner, and Foodie extraordinaire, organizes a variety of cooking events throughout the area. Because of her work […]


How My Kitchen Works (Steph)

So last night I made this amazing soup, and as I sat down to enjoy it, I thought to myself, “I should totally put this on my blog; it is so good!”…immediately followed by…”Shoot, I should have written it down, or at the very least, measured the ingredients or… wait… what all did I put in it?” This is how […]


St. Patrick’s Day, Green Smoothies and a few deep thoughts by Steph

About this time four years ago, I started reading Kimberly Snyder’s blog ( and was introduced to the amazing concept of a green smoothie. At first I was skeptical, as I’m sure all of you were (or perhaps still are) about a drink made from greens. At that time in my life, I was a stay at home mom of […]


“…The Teacher Will Come.” by Mar

Back at the end of December, I pressed the “Publish” button on our blog site to share my story, “When The Student Is Ready”. The quote, “When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Come” has been meaningful to me for many years. I first heard it when I worked for an art college as an admissions adviser. I often […]


What’s Up in the Kitchen?-by Mar

I remember about 20 years ago, my older brother Mike, while living on a lean college budget, used to make a meal called Tuna Noodle F@ck. OK, sorry about the less than family-friendly title, but he named it. My family laughed when Mike explained the recipe as tuna, noodles, and whatever else you F-ing had in your refrigerator. So you […]


A Loving Gift

One of the perks about being a guest blogger is that I may contribute my thoughts and perspectives basically only when I feel compelled to do so. Most likely the coming of Valentine’s Day had something to do with my stream of consciousness reflecting about love and gifting, specifically about how the most loving gifts are those that possess significant […]


Smooth, Juicy, and Very Yummy!

To juice or to smoothie that is the question…. Both have their merits. Few people have the commitment to do something that takes great time, clean-up, or energy. Find what works for you. Include some liquid nutrition in your body, though, and you will thrive. Drinking fresh, green juice and smoothies help slow or even reverse the aging process. It […]