Notes from a Clinical Dietitian

August 29, 2012 in Health | Comments Off on Notes from a Clinical Dietitian

I racked my brain for a month or so debating what to write here. I find guest posts so challenging. With my own blog, I have a million chances to re-win an audience. If all else fails, at least there is always my killer banner and backdrop to convince you that I am all at once interesting and professional, fun […]


Smoothie Recipes From The Kitchen

On Saturday, August 18, The Kitchen Remix launched its first “pop-up” smoothie bar.  Stephanie and I spent a few days during the week preparing for our event.  Investing in a table, coolers, and new Vitamix canisters were just some of the purchases for our stand.  Carts were filled with pounds and pounds of organic produce.  My kitchen turned into a […]

School Lunch Recipe Contest!!

School is right around the corner and with that comes the chore of packing school lunches. The Kitchen Remix is on it. I’m busy working on a blog that will give you some practical, healthy and fast lunch options for your family. Our blogwill be featuring Goodbyn reusable lunch containers, a practical and affordable way to pack your kids’ lunch. […]


The Great Balancing Act–By Mary Ellen

“Balance is part of your physical and emotional wellness,” I recently told a room full of clients.   What does this mean?  We are supposed to balance our diet, balance our checkbook, our schedule, and our time.  At the fitness studio where I work, The Dailey Method, we devote a sequence of exercises just to the practice of balance.  Not […]


The Kid’s Kitchen Corner-by Maura

Hi.  My name is Maura Schoenjohn and I am 8 years old. This is my first time writing a blog and I am really excited.  I like reading, drawing, swimming, soccer, animals, and playing with my sister, my friends, and my little brother, too.  My mom is healthier than most moms and also funny and dances in the kitchen a […]