A School Lunch Remix (Steph)

I was almost finished with a perfectly fine “kids school lunch blog”.  It was packed with exactly what you would expect, beginning with some lighthearted humor about the excuses I make when I am just too exhausted to do one more thing so I send my kids to school to purchase lunch instead of equipping them with health for their […]

Chocolate Be Gone! by Mar

This morning Stephanie and I were on a run at 6:00 a.m.  It was dark and cold, and like all mornings, we began our conversation with a brief update on our lives.  With Halloween just two days prior, our conversation naturally turned to the holiday, kids, and candy. I told Steph how, as always, my children picked a few pieces […]


Out-Tricking the Treats

Halloween is approaching and that means lots of candy around your house.  Here are a few things I do to help cut down on candy consumption: 1. I never let my kids eat candy while trick or treating.  They always have to wait till we get home.  Since my son has a peanut allergy, this does not only help with […]

kitchen remix 008

Two Chicks and A Blender-by Mar

What do you get when you take two smoothie mixing ladies, loads of fresh, organic produce, and a Vitamix?  Two Chicks and a Blender! WE ARE the two blend-happy chicks!…as evidenced by the quantity of blending opportunities we’ve had over the past month!  From a few of our recent events, we now have specialty smoothie recipes to share.  First, we […]


Rume Bags!!

As many of you know, one of the things that brought Mary Ellen and me together in the first place was our mutual love for all things “Colorado.”  This list includes eating healthy, running, sunshine, Labrador Retrievers and a general over-excitement for nature and being outdoors. So on a trip home to Colorado, when a friend handed me a Rume […]