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Notes from a Clinical Dietitian

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I racked my brain for a month or so debating what to write here. I find guest posts so challenging. With my own blog, I have a million chances to re-win an audience. If all else fails, at least there is always my killer banner and backdrop to convince you that I am all at once interesting and professional, fun […]


Smoothie Recipes From The Kitchen

On Saturday, August 18, The Kitchen Remix launched its first “pop-up” smoothie bar.  Stephanie and I spent a few days during the week preparing for our event.  Investing in a table, coolers, and new Vitamix canisters were just some of the purchases for our stand.  Carts were filled with pounds and pounds of organic produce.  My kitchen turned into a […]

School Lunch Recipe Contest!!

School is right around the corner and with that comes the chore of packing school lunches. The Kitchen Remix is on it. I’m busy working on a blog that will give you some practical, healthy and fast lunch options for your family. Our blogwill be featuring Goodbyn reusable lunch containers, a practical and affordable way to pack your kids’ lunch. […]


The Great Balancing Act–By Mary Ellen

“Balance is part of your physical and emotional wellness,” I recently told a room full of clients.   What does this mean?  We are supposed to balance our diet, balance our checkbook, our schedule, and our time.  At the fitness studio where I work, The Dailey Method, we devote a sequence of exercises just to the practice of balance.  Not […]