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The Kid’s Kitchen Corner-by Maura

Hi.  My name is Maura Schoenjohn and I am 8 years old. This is my first time writing a blog and I am really excited.  I like reading, drawing, swimming, soccer, animals, and playing with my sister, my friends, and my little brother, too.  My mom is healthier than most moms and also funny and dances in the kitchen a […]


Convenience Foods

In today’s food industry, convenience is the name of the game and sure, it comes in handy for our busy lifestyles, but is it worth it?  Are there convenience foods that we are just buying out of habit, not for convenience? I’m convinced that some of the convenience foods that are not only taking up room in our pantries but […]


What’s For Dinner?-Mar’s Favorites

One of the many reasons Stephanie and I began The Kitchen Remix is our shared value for feeding ourselves and our families healthy meals.  Like so many of our friends, however, we are busy, working moms. It can be challenging fitting in meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, and cooking time between workouts, soccer games, swim meets, and piano recitals. […]