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The Kitchen Remix-Stephanie’s Story

Today one of my dearest friends asked me what I ate for the day. My list included a smoothie for breakfast, an avocado and banana for lunch (which, she informed me, is also what her 10 month old ate), followed by some red lentils, rice cakes for snacks, and for dinner, Tilapia, roasted cauliflower and a green salad. With a […]


The Body Cycle- By Guest Blogger Toni Becker

Greetings! Guest blogger here. I truly feel privileged to be given the opportunity to share this slice of information with you, although I must admit I never imagined I’d be serving it to you via a blog! You see, when I was a young mother raising Steph and her two brothers waaaay back in the late seventies and through the […]

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“Have You Had Your Smoothie Today?” by Mary Ellen

We are so excited that many of The Kitchen Remix followers have added smoothies to their daily routines. Starting out with a powerful mix of green vegetables and ripe fruits gives your body the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and energy it needs to get you through the morning. Our clients have seen and felt amazing results. Unwanted pounds lost, abundant energy, […]